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Natural stone

Natural stone

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1. Tiger Eye Stone beads: The round beads of this bracelet present the characteristic golden-brown play of colors of the Tiger Eye Stone. Each bead catches the light and reflects warm shades of gold and brown, giving the bracelet a natural beauty.

2. Natural depth: The Tiger Eye Stone is known for its deep symbolism and is often associated with protection, prosperity and inner strength. Each bead tells a unique story and adds a spiritual dimension to the bracelet.

3. Handcrafted quality: Our skilled artisans have crafted each bracelet with dedication and precision. The carefully selected Tiger Eye Stone beads and the high-quality workmanship make this piece of jewelry a work of art of nature.

4. Elastic design: The bracelet is elastic and offers maximum wearing comfort. The smooth finish makes it easy to adjust to different wrist sizes.

5. Timeless elegance: Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, this Tiger Eye Stone bracelet will lend your look a timeless elegance. The round beads can be combined in a variety of ways and create a subtle yet striking accent.
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